How much home can you afford?

September 27, 2019

Before getting starry-eyed house hunting, don't forget that buying a home is a long-term financial commitment, accompanied by closing costs, mortgage payments, taxes and day-to-day maintenance. How can you determine how much buying power you have? Every first-time homebuyer should follow three easy steps to determine how much home he or she can ...

Fifty-something first-time buyers

September 5, 2019

Tom Hehir grew up in San Francisco and knew he'd never be able to afford to buy a home there. Even though he has a good job as a management consultant, he watched as the housing bubble took home prices into the stratosphere. Then the bubble burst and everything changed. Hehir and his partner purchased a three-bedroom, one-bath home in the city's ...

The death of an American dream

August 22, 2019

It’s a story that is as American as apple pie: a couple with young children decides to settle down, looks for a place outside the city, and borrows to buy their first house. For Andrea and Raymond Quenneville, the search brought them to the small town of Merrimack, N.H., where they found a yellow colonial-style home with an ample yard and a ...

Five tips to know before buying

August 17, 2019

Every year thousands of condo buyers call our advisors looking for help out of a sticky situation resulting from a uninformed condo purchase. As the buying season fires up, buyers need to take a few simple steps to avoid disappointment and unanticipated costs. Here are five specific situations buyers have encountered in the past month alone. 1. ...

Seller refuses to make agreed-upon repairs

July 30, 2019

Q: We were supposed to close on a house a week ago. The day before the scheduled closing, we went out to the house and noticed that the seller did not fix the heating system as we agreed in the contract. We gave the seller a one-week extension. It is now the day before the revised closing date and he has not yet fixed the problem. Our lease is ...

Becoming a Homeowner is a Great Move!

July 28, 2019

Are you currently renting and thinking about joining the ranks of homeowners? You should know that in addition to providing numerous financial benefits, buying a home will help improve your quality of life. Not only do homeowners enjoy more freedom, they also have a strong feeling of pride, as well as peace of mind. It’s definitely a worthwhile ...

Home buyers looking for green element, survey says

July 25, 2019

Environmentally friendly home improvements have become a huge factor in home buyer shopping lists, a new survey suggests, and will likely yield a solid return on investment come selling time. Almost three quarters (72 per cent) of the 1,266 Canadians asked in the latest Eco Home Survey by real estate company Royal LePage said they will look for ...

Single Women Buy Homes, Too!

July 22, 2019

Record numbers of single women are buying homes. If you're a single woman who wants to buy a house, the good news is the market is wide open for you. The stats from the Joint Center for Housing Studies say: •More than one in five home buyers is a single woman. •Twice as many unmarried women are buying homes than single men. •Single women ...

Making an attractive home-purchase offer

July 18, 2019

It's easy to assume that negotiating is adversarial. You, the buyer, are on one side -- the side that wants to buy a property for the lowest price possible. The opposition on the other side is the seller who wants to sell for the highest price possible. You're locked in a tug of war to see which side will win. It's more productive to look at a ...

Preparing for Homeownership - Buyer's Guide

July 16, 2019

Before you begin your home search at REALTOR.com, prepare yourself by reading Ten Steps to Homeownership. Homebuying Guides Even before you begin looking for a home, the homebuying process requires diligent preparation. Buyers who have been preapproved for a home loan often have their offers taken more seriously by sellers. With advance ...
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