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Two things to get a buyer's attention

June 29, 2019

Condition and price. Let's tackle these two issues and see what we can do to get you on your way. Condition: Whether you have a modest home or a mansion, it's guaranteed to sit longer if it's not clean and de-cluttered. That's the basics. The problem is when your home has been on the market for a while, it's easy to fall back into old habits ...

Setting the stage for home sellers

June 27, 2019

Once primarily a luxury for the rich when selling their mansions, home staging is becoming popular with average homeowners seeking to get their properties off the market faster and earn more money. The proliferation of television programs on staging a home - often providing tips on how to do it yourself - has made it a fast-growing trend at all ...


June 25, 2019

An appraisal and a home inspection have some similarities. Both services ensure that your property will meet certain, basic criteria. However, they are two distinct functions in a real estate transaction. Let's start with the appraisal. The appraisal assures the market value for the buyer and the lender. It is usually ordered and required by ...

How to sell in a buyer's market

June 23, 2019

You've got to be proactive on price, marketing and more. Here are 10 steps to take before you plant the "for sale" sign. If you're selling your home this year, be prepared for a marathon, not a sprint. In most places, those heady days of putting a property on the market, receiving multiple bids, getting more than you expected, and accepting ...

Paid off home, now how to get title?

June 20, 2019

Q: I live in Southern California and paid off my home. I received "Substitution of Trustee and full reconveyance" that was recorded in my county in June 2007. Is there some other document that I should receive indicating title, deed or ownership of my property? I received an ad from a private company indicating they would assist for a fee to ...

The Best Time To Move

June 6, 2019

As Realtors, we are often asked, “When is the best season to move?” This is a tough question, one we are not able to solve for you. Most people are asking as regards value, do they fluctuate throughout the year? NO. Just the quantity of homes on the market varies; certainly the number of consumers varies too. Hopefully this article will facilitate ...

Nine Ways to Make Your Home More Appealing to Buyers

June 5, 2019

When you're ready to sell your house, it pays to assess your home and make improvements before the for-sale sign goes in the yard. By doing so, you'll help buyers see the beauty of your home -- and that helps put the sold sign up faster. Especially in today's tough market for home sellers, attention to details and a willingness to go the extra ...

10 tips on staging your home to sell

June 4, 2019

It doesn't take long for a prospective buyer to form an opinion about your house. Here's how you can tilt the odds in your favor by making your home appeal to the widest clientele possible. You don't have much time. Prospective home buyers form an opinion about the home you're selling in 15 seconds, by one estimate. And the clock starts ...

Dealing with an eyesore next door

June 1, 2019

In a buyer's market, curb appeal -- yours and the neighborhood's -- becomes even more important. Fresh paint, a new front door and colorful landscaping often are sure-fire ways to tease potential buyers over the threshold of a home for sale. But in some cases, no matter how perfect your pansies, nothing can draw their gaze past the ...

Last Gasp For Housing - Sales growth slows as pent-up demand peaks

May 31, 2019

The spring homebuying season has reached a fever pitch with a record number of "for sale" signs being placed on Canadian lawns for the month of March. But there are indications the market has reached the peak with nowhere to go but down. The Canadian Real Estate Association said yesterday that 97,663 properties were put on the market last ...
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