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The 'Best Friend-Worst Enemy' Reverse Mortgage Quiz

September 16, 2019

Reverse mortgages are not as complex as the decisions that surround these financial and lifestyle wealth management tools. When a reverse mortgage is the right solution, it is the only choice and, therefore, you must consider it your best friend. When other approaches would suffice, a reverse mortgage may be an expensive worst enemy. Here ...

How to create a great first impression

August 5, 2019

Curb appeal -- that mix of architecture, landscape and colour that grabs the eye of passersby -- makes a big difference in how people react to a house When it comes to choosing a home, first impressions count. The decision whether to look inside a house is usually based on a quick drive-by assessment. If a house has curb appeal, say realtors, ...

The Inspection

July 31, 2019

You've found your dream home. But don't buy before ... Your house has been sold, pending an inspection. Now the tough part begins. Here's the drill: Two vehicles pull up outside your front door. From one, out steps the real estate agent, client in tow. From the other emerges the most feared face in real estate sales: the house ...

Seller refuses to make agreed-upon repairs

July 30, 2019

Q: We were supposed to close on a house a week ago. The day before the scheduled closing, we went out to the house and noticed that the seller did not fix the heating system as we agreed in the contract. We gave the seller a one-week extension. It is now the day before the revised closing date and he has not yet fixed the problem. Our lease is ...

Home Buyers and Renovators Willing to Spend on Green Upgrades, Says TD Canada Trust Poll

July 29, 2019

Not only is the environment a top-of mind issue for many Canadian homeowners, but the majority are also willing to ante up a higher purchase price in support of their beliefs. The TD Canada Trust Green Building Poll, conducted by Ipsos Reid to examine Canadians' views on environmentally friendly housing, found that 73% of Canadian homeowners or ...

Parents shouldn't place kids' names on real estate

July 26, 2019

DEAR BENNY: Twenty years ago my mother placed my name on the deed to avoid issues when she passed on. Will the IRS treat this as inherited property or consider it investment property? Did I inherit her half of the property? --Theo DEAR THEO: Why, oh why, do parents do this? For example, let's say your mother and father bought their house ...

Small improvements make most of utility room

July 24, 2019

Call it what you will -- utility room, laundry room, mud room -- the names say it all. It's a place for the washer and dryer to live, a place for wet and dirty clothes to hang out, a landing point for muddy boots and chore jackets, you name it. If you have one of those multipurpose rooms and you'd like it to do even more, or at least do it more ...

Disclosure: What Sellers Need to Know

July 21, 2019

States are cracking down on sellers' obligation to disclose known material facts about properties for sale—especially conditions not readily apparent, such as a cracked foundation. A material fact is anything that could affect the sale price or influence a buyer's decision to purchase a home. The major cause of post-sale disputes and lawsuits ...

The Big clean

July 19, 2019

Scrub, wipe and polish. It must be spring and time to sweep away the grime of winter. & Don't forget to recycle It's been a long, long winter, but spring is making slushy inroads, which means it's time for the annual ritual of spring cleaning. This is when we wipe away winter's grime and hopefully go even further and recycle unwanted items, ...

Parent trap

July 19, 2019

Parents who live in single-detached homes in Canada's largest cities are among the most likely to have adult children living at home with them, suggests a Statistics Canada study. The data suggest that nearly 60 per cent of Canadians aged 20 to 24 live with their parents, compared with just 41 per cent two decades earlier. In an age of early ...
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\\ KEYWORD : ottawa