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How to become a landlord

July 19, 2018

If you ever asked yourself how to become a landlord, you are in the right place! Investing in real estate, and trying to profit out of it is a great idea, and if you have a chance to do it – you shouldn’t hesitate. Many people are planning or already renting or leasing their property, and if you ask them for their opinion – you should ...

6 Reasons Why This Winter Is a Great Time to Sell

January 31, 2016

Forget the myth that winter is a bad time to sell real estate. While sales usually inch lower in the cooler months, some real estate pros are saying this winter in particular may be a great time to sell a home. Here’s why: 1. Mortgage rates are near record-breaking lows. 2. Home prices are starting to rebound in many markets across ...

10 Ways to Get the Best of Winter When Selling Your Home

January 16, 2016

If your home will be for sale this winter, it is important to master certain seasonal issues that are less significant or even non-existent at other times of the year. Here are 10 bits of sage advice from RE/MAX agents that can help put a “Sold” sticker on that yard sign. Let Those Lights Shine: The best way to combat winter’s short and ...

Cabinets can make the difference

January 5, 2016

Beautiful cabinetry adds tremendous appeal to your home. And good storage is just what you need, especially in the kitchen. During remodeling, making the right decisions can be the important difference in how well your room functions. And when you get ready to sell, it will make a big difference to that important bottom line! Pre-fab, custom ...

7 Ways to Make Your Home Move-In Ready

April 13, 2014

Ever heard the phrase, “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes?” When it comes to selling your home and boosting curb appeal to the widest range of buyers, the distance you need to think about is far less than a mile: it simply runs from your front curb to your back fence. The moment you even begin to think of putting your home up for sale is the ...

What bubble? Canadians have their mortgage covered, study shows

March 25, 2014

A new Conference Board of Canada study says there’s no housing bubble about to burst and maintains Canadian are having no trouble handling their debt even as it sits close to record levels. The Ottawa-based group points out that mortgage arrears are actually going down in just about every market across the country — making a U.S.-style meltdown ...

Why the Luxury Housing Market Is Hot, Hot, Hot

March 1, 2014

The real estate market feels like it’s bouncing back. But the luxury housing market is downright hot in several markets. Barring a stock market correction — unlikely given how investors reacted positively to the Federal Reserve reduction in bond purchases in December — the trend means the spring homebuying season could be a good one, especially ...

Demise of the detached house? No end in sight for rising cost of single family homes

January 22, 2014

If it seems like high-rise condominium units are keep getting smaller and affordable single family homes are getting harder to find, it’s true. Data from RealNet Canada Inc. for Toronto, to be released Wednesday, paints a grim picture for buyers hoping to avoid condominium living in favour of a low-rise home. It’s a trend that the chief ...

Condo market aok: CMHC

December 19, 2013

The only thing sky high about Canada’s condominium market are the condos themselves. Canadian condominium construction has surged but population growth has kept oversupply in check, the federal housing agency said in a report on Wednesday that also showed declining mortgage arrears and high home-equity levels. In its annual report on the housing ...

A Bank of Canada rate cut?

October 31, 2013

It is not beyond the realm of possibility, given the trajectory of the Canadian economy, and in fact it might have been a closer call following last week’s policy meeting than thought, writes the Financial Post‘s Gordon Isfeld. After 18 months of telling consumers and markets that its key interest rate would eventually be lifted from 1%, close ...
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