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September 14, 2019

Did you ever wonder what a lender looks at when determining the value of your home? A simple price per square foot doesn't always work. Many factors enter into properly pricing real estate with location being one of the top items. These nine items will give you an idea of how a lender determines the value of a property and how much money the ...

Get an extra edge

September 5, 2019

Are you selling your home and looking for an extra edge? One option to consider is "home staging" -- merchandising a home for sale -- which can boost its appeal and increase its value. "Your home is a product you are selling and we can help with that," says interior designer Tracey Mills, Calgary branch manager of Dekora. "It's a very ...

Goodbye to the family home

August 26, 2019

When my father was 65, he looked around my childhood home and decided it was time to move. It began slowly with family portraits taken off the walls and heirlooms carefully removed from the china cabinet. But soon the furniture began to disappear, until eventually the only thing left was the memory of his life there. For many seniors, making ...

10 tips to find the perfect home

August 18, 2019

Now that you're ready to purchase a place, you want to make sure it's the right one for you. Follow these tips to find a home that's a perfect fit for you: Go for the long haul When looking for a home, search for one that you could see yourself living in for several years -- at least five to seven years is ideal. Buying -- and moving -- to a ...

Five tips to know before buying

August 17, 2019

Every year thousands of condo buyers call our advisors looking for help out of a sticky situation resulting from a uninformed condo purchase. As the buying season fires up, buyers need to take a few simple steps to avoid disappointment and unanticipated costs. Here are five specific situations buyers have encountered in the past month alone. 1. ...

Property Appraisal and Market Value

August 1, 2019

One of the most important things in association with real estate is determining the ‘true worth’ or ‘value’ of your property. The two main ways that one can determine this is through property appraisals and comparable market value analysis. Typically, these two methods are used in conjunction with one another in order to establish a sale price ...

The Inspection

July 31, 2019

You've found your dream home. But don't buy before ... Your house has been sold, pending an inspection. Now the tough part begins. Here's the drill: Two vehicles pull up outside your front door. From one, out steps the real estate agent, client in tow. From the other emerges the most feared face in real estate sales: the house ...

Seller refuses to make agreed-upon repairs

July 30, 2019

Q: We were supposed to close on a house a week ago. The day before the scheduled closing, we went out to the house and noticed that the seller did not fix the heating system as we agreed in the contract. We gave the seller a one-week extension. It is now the day before the revised closing date and he has not yet fixed the problem. Our lease is ...

Home Buyers and Renovators Willing to Spend on Green Upgrades, Says TD Canada Trust Poll

July 29, 2019

Not only is the environment a top-of mind issue for many Canadian homeowners, but the majority are also willing to ante up a higher purchase price in support of their beliefs. The TD Canada Trust Green Building Poll, conducted by Ipsos Reid to examine Canadians' views on environmentally friendly housing, found that 73% of Canadian homeowners or ...

Becoming a Homeowner is a Great Move!

July 28, 2019

Are you currently renting and thinking about joining the ranks of homeowners? You should know that in addition to providing numerous financial benefits, buying a home will help improve your quality of life. Not only do homeowners enjoy more freedom, they also have a strong feeling of pride, as well as peace of mind. It’s definitely a worthwhile ...
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\\ KEYWORD : Condo