Making the most out of your house

May 23, 2019

Q. With the softening of the real estate market we hear there is a lot of inventory out there that no one is purchasing due to uncertainty. As a real estate lawyer do you have any tips that might make my house more marketable?

A. This is actually a question more for your trusty real estate agent but I can put in my two cents. I think the most important consideration is being realistic and very rational as to why you are selling. If you drastically need more space or someone comes along with an offer you can’t refuse then you know what you have to do. But if you just feel like a change: Perhaps not? One issue that is propelling a lot of buyers into the market is the low interest rate. This is all fine when you find a great house you want, but you have to remember you have to sell the existing home you own. Realistic pricing is the name of the game. Something people are doing is renovating instead of moving. This can be quite satisfying and increase the value of your property. I have found a site that gives lots of feedback about potential contractors broken down into categories called I don’t swear by it but an informed consumer is a better prepared consumer.

Source METRO


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