Earning your trust

April 23, 2019

Without question, the majority of people in the real estate and mortgage industries are honest and work hard for their earnings. They take their responsibilities seriously. But even the most honest among us can make a mistake. So, once you've reached the closing table, if something appears out of line it's OK to ask.

Your mortgage broker has control of your loan application and the qualification process. If there is even a small part you do not fully understand - ask! It can all be so confusing, especially if this is your first purchase. There are stacks of papers to go through and many of them will require your signature. Don't hurry through the process. Much of it is routine and if you've purchased a home before, you'll be familiar with it all.

Current digital technologies now allow for encrypted transmissions, digital signatures and an endless list of safeguards. Still, it always pays to be cautious and deal with someone you can trust. That's why we're here for you.

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