Microhood a must for any Kitchen Upgrade

June 23, 2020

Looking for a nice way to upgrade your kitchen and add both counter space and convenience? You might not need to look any further than replacing your existing range hood with a microwave/hood combination. Now known generically as a microhood, this useful appliance comes in a variety of colors, sizes and features to fit the requirements of just ...

Decorating difficulties

June 8, 2020

There are those who can simply plow right into decorating projects and end up with something beautiful. But for most of us, it can be a daunting challenge without professional help. This is especially true when it comes to awkward angles and odd-shaped rooms. Odd shaped rooms can actually bring character to your decor. Just pick a focal point ...

Should I paint roof to better match house?

May 13, 2020

Q: I have enjoyed your column for some time, and I now have a question about the composition shingle roof on a house we just purchased. The roof is only 5 years old and is in good shape, but we want to paint the house. Unfortunately, the existing roof color will contrast poorly with the paint colors we've chosen. Is there any kind of paint or ...


April 8, 2020

"My roof's got a hole in it and I might drown." So said the crooked little man in the song. If you've ever had a leak in the ceiling you know that sinking feeling. And by the time you notice, the damage has probably been going on for a while. It pays to get your roof inspected periodically. Expensive remodeling projects can be put off when ...

Deferred maintenance: A ticking clock?

March 21, 2020

The obvious: Foreclosures are leaving homes empty and abandoned, and whole neighborhoods in areas hit hardest by the housing bust are decaying beyond repair. The not-so-obvious: Abandonment isn't the only thing that can affect future housing stock. Deferred maintenance can, too. "We are seeing more deferred maintenance in light of the ...

7 landscaping tips

February 29, 2020

These ideas offer some of the best returns for your renovation dollar. Plus, the payoff increases over time. If prospective buyers looked at your house today, what would they see outside? A giant evergreen that looks as if it might swallow the station wagon, perhaps, scraggly old foundation plants or maybe a kitchen-table view of the neighbors' ...


February 22, 2020

More than any other home improvement project, painting is the number one choice of do-it-yourselfers. When asked, consumers report that they would more likely paint an interior room themselves. Paint companies and retailers are responding with products that are more eco-friendly. So when it's time to pick up the brushes, rollers, pans and drop ...

Top 12 Do It Yourself Low Cost Home Improvements: Home Gain Survey

February 11, 2020

Due to popular demand from the real estate community, HomeGain.com regularly conducts its nationwide home improvement and home staging Home Sale Maximizer™ survey. Past findings from the survey have been a guide for thousands of home sellers in preparing their home for sale. HomeGain recently conducted a new survey of top 12 low cost*, ...

A lick of paint, if it's the right paint, can do wonders

November 25, 2019

November is here. The days are shorter, the chill has set in, and so has the damp, grey haze. The experts say we are susceptible to SAD (seasonal affective disorder) because of a lack of sunshine and its vitamin D benefits, but I think it may be caused by spending too much time indoors surrounded by bland interiors and uninspiring walls. Of ...

Downsizing in style

November 12, 2019

Interior designer Lauri Ward has built a career on helping people create a new look. Now she's helping them make a new life. Ward's latest book, Downsizing Your Home With Style, is targeted at people who are moving to smaller homes. Ward is the founder of Use What You Have Inc. and a pioneer in the interior redesign movement, so her focus is ...
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