Prepare your home for sale

February 26, 2021

Break out the mop and the paintbrush. It’s time to give your home a mini-makeover. Here are all the little things you can do to attract the big offers.

Time to see your home through a buyer’s eyes.
Over the years, you’ve grown quite comfortable with your home’s little imperfections; the hole in the screen door, the chipped paint on the baseboards, the mess in the basement. Grab a clipboard, print out a copy of our “Home Preparations Checklist” and take a tour of your home.

Get rid of ...

What should you expect when working with a REALTOR®?

June 21, 2020

Once your home is listed with a REALTOR®, he or she will immediately begin to market your home according to the most appropriate conventions for your community. Your REALTOR® should keep you informed as the marketing process unfolds and as expressions of interest are received. In time, the marketing plan may be modified to reflect buyer ...


June 17, 2020

Some 5 million existing homes are sold each year, and while each transaction is different every owner wants the same thing - the best possible deal with the least amount of hassle and aggravation. Get it Done · Online Credit Check · Unique Loan Solutions Unfortunately, home selling has become a more complex business than it used to ...

Multiple listing service

June 16, 2020

What is the Multiple Listing Service and how can it benefit you when buying or selling property? Multiple Listing is an agreement between sellers and real-estate brokers that allows the broker to distribute information on the properties they have listed for sale to other members of a local real-estate organization or board, in order to provide the ...

6 tips to a successful home sale

June 13, 2020

Today's housing markets are good and bad news for home sellers: Sales have picked up, but buyers still have the upper hand. That means sellers who are determined to get more - or at least give up less - need to be well-prepared for the negotiation that can result in a deal. Here are six tips: 1. Stand out. Homes that are decluttered, ...

Risking it all

April 30, 2020

'For Sale By Owner' has the lure of saving commissions. Sellers can place their own sign in the yard and list their home on internet sites. Buyers have the option of peering inside through those internet sites and deciding on which houses interest them most before making that call. You can even download contracts for your personal use. But before ...

5 Reasons Selling By Owner is a Set-Up for Failure

April 10, 2020

For Sale By Owner = FSBO As a FSBO, you only have four ways to attract buyers. Classified advertising. Open House For-Sale-Signs Internet Over 80% of homes are sold because the Buyer's Broker or Agent was being offered a commission on MLS. This is one route not open to you as a FSBO. By not listing your home on MLS, you forgo the ...


April 9, 2020

Event planners know they are creating a memory. They go all out to make a space feel wonderful and inviting. Selling your home calls for the same commitment and creativity. No, you won't want balloon arches and confetti sprinkled on the tables. But there are a number of things you can do to make your home feel special. It's fundamental advice ...

Find a REALTOR® Who is Right For You.

March 23, 2020

There are many reasons why a REALTOR® is essential when selling your home but which REALTOR® is best for you? Your REALTOR® who helped you buy your current house is a good start. Sticking with a REALTOR® just makes sense. If they did a good job helping you buy your home, they’re probably the best candidate for helping you sell it. They already ...

Keeping up with the upkeep

March 20, 2020

Keeping your home in tip top shape throughout the selling process calls for attention to details. Unless you hire a cleaning service to come in often, you'll want to keep a handy list in order to have a schedule for what needs to happen when. Your initial cleaning should include washing windows, cleaning out closets and cupboards, professional ...
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